About Me



I am passionate about assisting my students, and their parents, 

who come to me frustrated and feeling defeated, to leave as happier, confident, life-long learners. 

My goal is to lay out an individualized educational path for my clients which will assist in building a strong foundation towards academic success. By utilizing a systematic, multi-sensory approach to reading and spelling, along with learning about the phonology and morphology of our language, we are able to unlock the reasons why our English words are spelling the way they are written. 

Reading is not a guessing game. It makes sense!

For the past 35 years+, my career has allowed me to assist children and their families through various educational settings:

  • As an elementary classroom teacher in California while working on my reading endorsement.
  • For 13 years, as a Title One reading teacher and elementary classroom teacher in Montana.
  • As a home-schooling parent, which became a small private K-8 school out of my home, to help families whose children were experiencing learning difficulties.
  • As part of my after-school tutoring business, I taught writing classes using the Institute for Excellence in Writing program to home-schooling families.
  • As I went back into the public schools, I became  a home-bound tutor, a Title One Teacher, and worked as a para-educator in the Resource room at local elementary schools.
  • As a Resource Room teacher at Valley Christian School, with an emphasis in helping students with dyslexia.
  • As an experienced Montana Certified Educator; Dyslexia Specialist through the Dyslexia Training Institute; an SOI Practitioner; and an Educational Specialist with Equipping Minds.



"My son started tutoring with Carolyn during the summer between 3rd and 4th grade.  Carolyn met with his 3rd grade teacher and identified some areas where she could strengthen his foundational concepts and help him prepare for the faster pace of 4th grade.  He loves his tutoring sessions.  I see a huge improvement in his confidence and in his abilities in school.  He feels great about going to school!" 

Penelope Oteri, October, 2013


"My daughter was struggling in school with reading and math.  She was resistant to homework and it became daily verbal battles and tears between us.  We interpreted her behavior as being stubborn and defiant.  She was labeled as a problem child by the school and her peers.  This was how her dyslexia presented itself.  Her teacher at the end of second grade recognized her struggle and suggested that she be tested and was identified as having a learning disability. A friend overheard my conversation and discussed her own child's struggles and said they were meeting with Carolyn and he had made amazing progress with his reading skills.  As a parent I felt I had exhausted all possibilities to help my daughter be more like her peers, to absorb what she was supposed to . be absorbing, and be proficient at her age level. My daughter was struggling and it was beginning to affect our whole family. 

I am so thankful that my friend shared her story and opened the door to tutoring for my daughter. 

Carolyn graciously was willing to take my daughter under her wing. She has been able to reach my daughter and engage her in a way I've never seen a teacher accomplish."

Christina Michael and Chris Chapman, October, 2017


                                                                                                                                                          "Our son was diagnosed in the fall of 2015 with moderate to severe dyslexia. We were referred to Carolyn and began sessions twice a week right away.  School was a struggle and he was reading well below the fourth grade level.  Since he began his tutoring sessions with Carolyn, his reading and word recognitio have dramatically improved.  His attitude and approach to reading have completely changed from two years ago.  Carolyn has made time to attend his parent-teacher conferences and develop relationships with his teachers so that they are working together for his overall improvement.  Carolyn has made such a impact on our son and we cannot imagine where we would be without her."

Kirk & Tammy Bodlovic, Sept., 2017



"It is with great pleasure that I endorse Carolyn Goldammer...She has a wealth of education and teaching experience, we confidently put her in charge of delivering individualized instruction to our struggling readers..."

Kila Jarvis, teacher

Rattlesnake School, Missoula, MT


"Carolyn offers her students a comfortable learning environment where they feel safe and supported. She is genuinely concerned with teaching students important academic skills, as well as helping them to become better citizens."

Cindy Christensen, principal Russell Elementary, Missoula, MT