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Checklist Signs of Dyslexia at Different AgesEng (pdf)


Equipping Minds. C.Brown Case Studies (pdf)


Dyslexia in the Classroom?


Dyslexia in the classroom can manifest itself in many ways,

 your child may have:

  • Trouble with sequencing? (telling time, days of the week)
  • Trouble with "critical symbols"?     (d-b-p-q / m-w / u-n / 6-9 / h-v /
  • Trouble forming letters with a clockwise (rather than counterclockwise) motion?
  • Trouble keeping up with his peers. He/She works slowly.
  • Fall apart under time limits and pressure.  
  • Repeated anxiety issues and not want to go to school.
  • A lack of confidence and tell you they don't feel "smart".